Travel Tips


Italy Tour Values (ITV) can reserve airline tickets for its customers, or customers may choose to obtain those tickets on their own. If the customer requests it, ITV will propose the price and itinerary based on the price quoted by the airline to ITV, which the customer may accept or not. This includes a non-stop overnight flight from a U.S. or Canadian Airport to Rome, and not through another European airport. This ensures arrival on Saturday morning, so as to check into the hotel in time for Vatican City.

For travelers who originate from a city without a direct connection to Rome, every effort will be made to provide (a) at least a three-hour interval at the connecting airport and (b) the latest possible Friday morning departure from the traveler’s home/originating airport. Return flights depart Rome Saturday morning, nonstop to the U.S. Every effort is made to provide a three-hour interval at the U.S. connecting airport and to ensure arrival at the home airport on the same day.

Customers making their own flight arrangements should bear these considerations in mind. Customers must notify Italy Tour Values/ITV of their airline flight schedules and reservations. 


Since size and weight limitations may vary by airline, please consult your carrier(s) to be sure. On this tour, customers are limited to 2 pieces of luggage. One can be full-size (and must be checked with the airline) and the other a carry-on. On a seven day trip, most travelers need to bring only enough with them as will fit inside a carry-on bag and a briefcase, both of which can be carried on board by the traveler and need not be checked (consult the airline(s) for maximum allowable dimensions). Any purse(s), large or small, can be packed inside. NOTE: almost no airlines accept two carry-on luggage bags but, instead, many do allow one carry-on luggage bag plus one briefcase or large purse. Make sure ahead of time because some airlines also charge for carry-on luggage! Eliminating the full-size suitcase (a) can avoid extra charges for checked luggage; (b) reduces the chances that it may be lost, delayed or stolen; (c) is much more convenient than handling three bags at airports and elsewhere; (d) saves time lost in checking the luggage then in waiting to pick it up; (e) reduces the space required aboard trains and buses. Many travelers wear or carry their heaviest sweater or a light waterproof windbreaker (with hood) aboard the plane to save space.

Money belts deserve a separate paragraph: please do bring one to wear inside your clothing for your travel documents, passport, debit/credit cards, driver’s license, large bills, as you walk the streets of a foreign country. Daily cash can go into an old wallet or nondescript purse. Many hotels provide small safes in the rooms, to be used with caution! In addition, you might wear a small tummy pack for easy access to travel documents, passport, cards and cash at airports.


While U.S. citizens require no visa to visit Italy, they must have a U.S. passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months following the expected date of return to the USA. Non-U.S. citizens should check with the Italian Embassy or nearest consulate.


Vatican Museum, Coliseum and Pompeii require a long wait; ITV solves this by pre-purchasing the tickets.


Some travelers may be interested in purchasing travel insurance that will cover them for any potential claims that may arise during their trip. A wide variety of travel insurance companies, programs and prices is available. One of the largest and most experienced companies is AIG Travel Guard, toll-free number: 1-800-826-4919, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The kinds of travel coverage that can be purchased include 1) Pre-Departure Protection for cancellations; 2) Tour Cost Trip Interruption in case of illness, injury or death; 3) Travel Delay, which covers accommodations; 4) loss or damage to Baggage or Personal Effects; 5) delayed Baggage; 6) Medical Expenses; 7) Medical Transportation; 8) Accidental Death and Dismemberment; 9) Flight Accident, relating directly to airplanes.